Pink Pug Puppies!

  • 14 Apr, 2024
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We are excited to announce that Milkshake is a daddy! This year we welcomed six pink pug puppies sired by Milkshake the Pug and Snowball. If you are interested in adopting one of these gorgeous babies, keep reading for everything you need to know! You can see more photos/videos of the puppies here: Puppy Photos 

Pedigree Pink Pugs

I fell in love with pink pugs when I saw Milkshake for the first time five years ago. Since then, the UK has established a reputation for breeding the healthiest pink pugs in the world. Due to Milkshake's amazing nature and quality, I made the decision to breed pugs at our family home on a very small scale so that others could have the experience of owning a beautiful and loving pink pug.

Milkshake,is a KC registered pink pug, boasting a shade named after him due to its exclusivity within his lineage "Milkshake pink". He is fully health tested, regularly fertility tested and PDE clear. If you follow him on social media you will know that Milkshake has a very loving and friendly nature. Due to his gentle temperament and intelligence, he is a certified therapy dog.

Snowball, is a KC registered platinum pink pug, who is also health clear, PDE clear, and boasts excellent breathing. She is one of the most beautiful pink pug girls we have ever seen (don't tell Cookie or Dumpling). In addition to this, her easygoing and loving temperament was set to make this a match made in heaven. This mating was planned several years ago and together, they have produced a litter of exceptional quality and squishiness. Six healthy and chonky babies we have called Toast, Potato, Cream, Marshmallow, Boba, and Noodles.

Each puppy inherits not only Milkshake's unique pink shade but also the outstanding health and temperament traits passed down from both parents, making this one of the highest-quality pink pug litters in the world. They all have excellent breathing, loving and friendly personalities, blue eyes, pink nose, pink paws and double curl tails. All puppies are KC registered but are not sold with breeding rights as they are intended to be family pets. 

Available Puppies

 Cream: Sweet as whipped cream and just as fluffy, Cream is a cheeky and beautiful girl. With a lineage boasting health and excellent temperament, Cream is destined to be the perfect addition to any family. She is a bouncy and happy girl who loves to play and be adored. More photos of Cream.

Toast: (SOLD)This adorable lady was named Toast as her puppy breath smells like warm, burnt toast! I can confirm that she is as squishy and as comforting as a slice of bread. With a loving and outgoing personality and her dad's looks, Toast is ready to brighten your day. She is an almost identical twin to her sister Noodles! 

Boba: (SOLD) With a name as unique as her personality, Boba is a bubbly girl. Full of energy and curiosity. Boba is always up for an adventure and eager to explore. Whether she is chasing after toys or snuggling up for a nap, she does everything 100%. 

Noodles: (SOLD) Noodles is the playful and mischievous pup who will keep you on your toes. With a knack for finding fun in every situation, Noodles is guaranteed to bring laughter and happiness into your life. As much as she loves escaping and exploring, she is equally content to sit in your arms and be snuggled. 

Marshmallow: (SOLD)The platinum pink princess of the litter, Marshmallow is a rare gem with a heart of gold. With a striking coat and a personality to match, Marshmallow stands out as a beacon of elegance and poise. From her sweet face to her playful spirit, Marshmallow is ready to captivate your heart and become the queen of your castle.

Potato: (SOLD) Meet Potato, the chunky and cuddly boy with a love of cuddles and naps. With a certified therapy dog for a dad, Potato inherits not only Milkshake's pink shade but also a natural inclination towards spreading joy and comfort. He loves nothing more than lying on his back and getting belly rubs!  Potato is sure to bring endless love and laughter into your home.

The Perfect Home

We made the decision to breed pink pugs specifically so that individuals and families could enjoy them. We only sell to 5 star pet homes and the puppies for that reason are not sold with breeding rights. We prioritize environments that foster love, care, and understanding of the breed's unique needs. We are particularly keen on finding families, couples and individuals who have a flexible lifestyle, such as a couple or a family where someone is home most of the day, ensuring the puppies receive the attention and companionship they thrive on. Previous experience with pugs is highly valued, and ideally, prospective owners should already have another pug or a similar breed as a companion, providing invaluable social interaction and playtime. A commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and daily exercise regimen is essential, as is the willingness to engage in consistent training, with local puppy classes recommended for optimal development. Additionally, prospective owners should be prepared for the daily grooming requirements, especially cleaning the puppies' facial and nose folds, and be able to provide a safe environment away from excessive sun and heat exposure, ensuring their well-being and comfort at all times.


The puppies are currently located in Norfolk, UK and either collection or delivery can be arranged. For those based in Europe, the USA, and the East Coast of Canada, the puppies can travel by plane in cabin either with yourself or with a flight nanny. Puppies staying in the UK are ready to leave now (Monday 15th April). Puppies travelling abroad will be ready to leave mid May and will receive an additional vaccine, a vet check, and a health certificate for travel. For international travel, an additional cost is added to the puppy's price to cover these necessary expenses. There are two travel options: A. They are accompanied by a flight nanny in-cabin from London to your nearest city, or B. you can personally collect your puppy from London and fly together in-cabin. Please note, if you're collecting your puppy from the UK and planning to fly to the US or Canada, you'll need to book the return leg of the flight via Amsterdam or Paris with pet-friendly airlines like KLM or Air France, as direct flights from London to the USA and Canada are not available for pets to travel in cabin. Please ensure that one pet is added by the airline to your booking. 


Please contact us for pricing information and make sure you include a) The puppy you are most interested in b) Your location c) Travel (if you would like to collect or have the puppy delivered to you). You can email or send a DM on instagram @milkshakethepug. Prices reflect the exceptional quality and health of our puppies. Puppies are reserved after an initial video call and a deposit has been received. 

What to expect from us

Should you decide to adopt a puppy, you will receive an agreement confirming that the puppies have received both their vaccinations (three if travelling abroad) and have been successfully health checked and cleared by a vet. Puppies leave well socialized with people, other dogs, flead, wormed, health checked and used to travelling in the car in a carrier. If you are in the UK you have time to have your puppy additionally health checked by your vet and eligible for a full refund in the event that you have any health concerns. When you buy a Milkshake puppy we are here if you have any questions or need advice now or in the future and we love getting to see photos and updates of the pups as they grow! 

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