10 Things To Do With Your Dog this Christmas

  • 12 Dec, 2023
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10 Things To Do With Your Dog This Christmas Infographic

The Holiday Season is upon us! It has already started snowing in the UK which has got us in the festive mood early! Whether you like to cosy up infront of the fireplace at home, or adventure out in the snow, we have a bucket list of festive of dog friendly adventures for you to check off your list!

1. See Santa Paws

Take your goodest boy (or girl)to your local dog friendly grotto to see Santa Paws

2. Christmas themed Photo Shoot

Take some festive photos of you & your dog in cute matching Christmas outfits.

3. Dog-Friendly Christmas Markets:

Head to a local dog friendly Christmas market & enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

4. Dog-Friendly Christmas Cookies:

Bake some delicious Christmas dog treats at home.

5. Pup Friendly Christmas Party:

Find a dog-friendly holiday gathering with other pet owners, complete with dog treats and festive drinks for humans.

6. DIY Doggie Christmas Decorations:

Craft some dog-themed Christmas ornaments and decorations.

7. Secret Santa Paws

Host a gift exchange with other pet owners.

8. Pet Caroling

Some churches have dog friendly services for Christmas.

9. Christmas Light Walk:

Take a nighttime walk in your neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights.

10. Dog Advent Calendar:

Buy a dog advent calendar to treat your bestie every day.

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